Building the cloud infrastructure of tomorrow, today.

Tomorrow's cloud is:

  • ​Uniquely Australian.

    The Tasmanian Ultra-Low Emission Supercomputer (or TULES) uses a proprietary, Australian developed, immersion cooling system. Connected across Australia through our fibre WAN, we are a wholly sovereign Cloud DC, hosting the HPC clouds of tomorrow.
  • Uniquely Cooled.

    We’ve made cooling cool. Our immersion system is generations ahead of yesterday’s power hungry air-cooled DCs, achieving a world class PUE of <1.03.
  • Uniquely HPC.

    Built for hosting all compute clouds, we excel at HPC. Each Firmus 42RU immersion rack can cool up to 100kw of compute, more than today’s most demanding requirements, with headroom for what’s to come tomorrow.
  • Uniquely Green.

    With world class PUE through our immersion system, we naturally use less power per than an equivalent air cooled DC. Combined with our location in Tasmania – with abundant hydro power – we enjoy a more than 6 x lower carbon footprint than traditional DCs on the mainland.

A Next Generation High Performance Cloud

Our Tasmanian Ultra-Low Emission Supercomputing (TULES) DC hosts high performance clouds, with a step change in cost and carbon efficiency. Ultra-Low Emission means giving back, too. TULES provides energy grid stabilising frequency services, to support the deployment of renewable energy

We believe technology is key to creating a sustainable tomorrow

HPC, Machine Learning & AI have the power to improve lives, solve problems, and expand horizons. Our belief in the power of technology to advance progress is unwavering, yet, we believe that this should not come at a cost to the environment. Today’s clouds are responsible for a growing and damaging carbon footprint, tomorrow’s HPC clouds – left unchecked – will only accelerate this dangerous trend.

We’re playing our part to reverse this. Hosting tomorrow’s HPC clouds with ultra-low emissions is one way, and giving back to the planet is another. Any latent, non-cloud hosted capacity is redeployed for Grid Firming Services. Uniquely enabled by modified Bitcoin mining machines, this service provides a proportionate FCAS load to help balance the Tasmanian energy grid, as the state builds upon its ambition to provide 200% of its power load as renewables, for export to the mainland.

We proudly align with Tasmania’s goal to be a global leader in sustainability and innovation.

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